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Friday, Dec 09, 2022

Fraser rips into BVI’s effluent-filled streets! Says USVI does better

Fraser rips into BVI’s effluent-filled streets! Says USVI does better

Third District Representative Julian Fraser has taken aim at the poor state of waste management in the territory, particularly given the amount of effluent seen running in the BVI’s streets.
The legislator said it was always an issue that plagued the territory but suggested it was allowed to become so pervasive due to a lack of proper planning.

“The issue of effluent waste running off from people’s homes, into the street and in many cases on to other neighbours’ properties; it has to stop,” Fraser said in the House of Assembly (HOA) recently.

According to Fraser, the issue has persisted in all electoral districts over the years, despite complaints from residents to the Ministry of Health and Department of Environmental Health.

Fraser said while the issue does not come from the Environmental Health Department, it ends up being their problem.

“It’s a problem of design. If the Town and Country Planning or Land Development Control Authority would stop people from building their homes and properties and buildings so close to the main roads where there is no provision whatsoever for them to build a proper septic tank and [treat] effluent waste, this problem would go away,” Fraser argued.

He continued: “All they need to do is look to our next-door neighbour, the US Virgin Islands that has proper guidelines for anyone who wants to build. You don’t see this happening in St Thomas because there are proper guidelines.”

He urged residents who walk and encounter any sorts of liquid in the streets to steer clear.

“If you see water in the street, avoid it. It’s not potable water. It’s effluent,” Fraser warned. “We have to address this matter.”

Fraser further suggested that the government may need to explore the option of investing to fix the problem and later charge homeowners a fee. He hailed this as worthwhile soultion since the problem has become a health issue.

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