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Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

Fraser urges residents to sue gov't over environmental issues

Fraser urges residents to sue gov't over environmental issues

Opposition Legislator and Third District Representative Julian Fraser has called on residents to file lawsuits against the Government of the Virgin Islands on environmental issues affecting their well-being.

Fraser made the call while addressing members of the media at a press conference with Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition last week.

“It is unacceptable. It has to stop,” Fraser said. “We have issues of mould in the territory and nothing is happening. The burning of garbage in the open in a community right here in the BVI and people in St John and St Thomas are complaining about it. Imagine what is happening to the folks in that community.”

He continued: “People in this territory are dying from cancer like flies, and for some reason, nothing is being done on the government’s side about it. Governments must stop killing their people, straight and simple; victimizing the people through so many forms.”

Sewerage issues

The Opposition legislator said another issue that desperately needs to be addressed is that of sewerage.

“Imagine, Hurricane Irma came and damaged a sewerage treatment plant at Burt Point — the only sewerage plant that treats waste from the metropolitan Road Town area that is Baugher’s Bay, Purcell, Huntum’s Ghut, Road Town, McNamara andnd dumps that raw sewerage out in the waters in Slaney that flows down to Sea Cows Bay, Nanny Cay and about,” he said.

I am willing to help

In the meantime, Fraser said he stands ready to assist residents who want to sue the government.

“I am putting out there, and I have put it out before. It is time for our citizens to start filing class-action lawsuits against the government. Something that I support and will support even if I have to help support it financially.”

“I am appealing to government, ministers, to take control of your ministries and make sure that whatever is within your portfolio is getting the kind of attention that is necessary to make it function,” Fraser said.


Quote of the Day

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.

Edward Abbey
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