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Monday, Sep 28, 2020

From Facebook to TV | Cindy Rosan-Jones to host talk show

From Facebook to TV | Cindy Rosan-Jones to host talk show

Outspoken resident Cindy Rosan-Jones will be hosting a new show – Cut Deep – and is promising to provide residents with a more in-depth look at the issues affecting the British Virgin Islands.

She told BVI News on Thursday that the reason for doing the show is to use her platform “a little more responsibly and more effective” than on her Facebook page.

“I always have people reaching out to me for my views on stuff and basically about what is happening in the country. So I want to use that platform to go a little deeper, and the bottom line is to help keep the government accountable. It is also to bring a clearer view of what is going on because most times people talk, but they don’t look at a depth of what is going on with an issue,” she said.

Hot water

Rosan-Jones, an employee of a government statutory body – the BVI Tourist Board -fell in the proverbial hot water months ago for expressing her views on social media.

When asked if she took that into consideration before doing the show, she said: “I don’t speak out about the government, I speak out against issues affecting the people in the country. I know I will always get in hot water for that because it makes people uncomfortable, but you cannot get change without discomfort.”


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