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Fully outfitted! Monthly rent for new market booths starts at $300

Fully outfitted! Monthly rent for new market booths starts at $300

Vendors interested in conducting business at the newly renovated market square in Road Town can now apply to rent kiosks (vending booths) at the location for a few hundred dollars per month.
Sixteen kiosks were constructed for use. Ten are 12×12 feet in size, while the remaining six kiosks are 10×10 feet large.

The kiosks are outfitted with a sink and faucet, lighting, a duplex outlet and a countertop for vending purposes. The facilities are also equipped with a sink for sanitary purposes, as well as lighting and power supply to facilitate vendor operations, even during the night-time. And according the Works Minister Kye Rymer, solar lights were also installed “to provide sufficient lighting for the square and reduce the overall electricity consumption charges”.

Minister Rymer also said the new market square has been outfitted with sufficient drainage and bathroom facilities. A total of eight stalls have been constructed — five are located on the female side, with one being handicap accessible while the male side has three stalls — inclusive of urinals — with one being handicap accessible.

“Also, each side (male and female) has a baby changing station and a concrete trough sink for hand-washing,” Rymer said in a recent announcement to the House of Assembly. “Special attention has been given to ensure that the building is resilient and secure with concrete divider walls and shutters at the closure of the entrances.”

“Although not installed yet, each kiosk will have shutters to enclose the kiosks to protect against vandalism and provide adequate security,” Rymer added.

The minister invited interested persons to apply for one of these 16 kiosks. And in preparation for opening the facility, Rymer said government has offered “first rights of refusal” to the original vendors of the old Market Square that were temporarily displaced during construction.

“We are currently offering the 10×10 kiosks at a rate of $300 and the 12×12 kiosks at a rate of $450 monthly,” the minister said.

“As this market square is in our territory’s capital, it is important that the Virgin Islands be represented in whole. As a result we have dedicated a kiosk specifically for our brothers and sisters from the outer islands to add to the creative product in our territory’s capital Market Square. So the kiosk will be available for persons coming from the sister islands to be able to have a space and would be able to offer their produce or their product in the Market Square,” Minister Rymer added.

The Market Square is scheduled to reopen on February 13 and will initially be managed and operated by the Wickham’s Cay Development Authority. But according to Rymer, the government “will shortly be inviting tenders for a management contract to oversee the Road Town Market Square”.

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