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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Funds allocated to have beach restroom facility at Brewers Bay

Funds allocated to have beach restroom facility at Brewers Bay

Government has allocated more than $160,000 from this year’s budget for beach restroom facilities to be constructed in the Second District community of Brewers Bay on Tortola.

This is according to Representative of the Second District, Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull.

Speaking at a recent sitting of the House of Assembly, Turnbull said: “The minister for the subject and myself met with the good people down in Brewers Bay. I assured them that I would hold him to account to ensure that there was money placed there to build that restroom facility in Brewers Bay, and I want to report to the good people of the Brewers Bay community that there is $163,000 there to build that restroom facility.”

Initially was not budgeted for in 2020

Turnbull said he has been championing to get the project going for nearly four years; dating back to the time of the previous NDP government.

He said monies were allocated for the project since 2016 but was never made accessible to have it actually started.

The Opposition legislator also indicated that the project was not initially budgeted for this year.

“Since 2016, $150,000 was reported coming out of Standing Finance year after year to have a bathroom facility and sewerage treatment plant for the residents of the community of Brewers Bay. When I looked at Draft B of the budget, I was flabbergasted. But then I was reminded that it was more of the same because 2016 had money on paper, 2017 had money on paper, ’18 had money on the paper, ’19 had money on the paper, 2020 didn’t have any money on the paper so I said nothing there,” he explained.

To ensure this project commences, Turnbull said he will be pressing the minister responsible so that history does not repeat itself. He further said the development will benefit both residents and tourists once completed.


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