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Friday, Dec 04, 2020

Gaming & Betting Legislation Reaches HOA

Gaming & Betting Legislation Reaches HOA

The Hon. Andrew Fahie-led Government is making good on plans to introduce gaming and betting legislation during its first term.
The Premier and Minister of Finance is expected to move a motion at today's sitting for the introduction and first Reading of the bill entitled, “Gambling (Gaming and Betting) Control Act, 2020”.

Prior to today's sitting, Hon. Fahie had announced that he has been hearing some negative discussions about the legislation.

The Premier has stated that gaming and gambling will be done in specified areas.

“It’s amazing in this country the money going out before our very eyes; and people telling you don’t do it, but everybody doing it. Might as well we make our money from it --- well sah right in the heart of town. Man ain't even hiding now,” the Premier added.

The legislation will allow cruise ships to remain in the Territory overnight; a move that is expected to improve the Territory’s night life. Additionally, it will enable the horse racing games at the Ellis Thomas Downs to have a legal betting component.

The announcement was first made by His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert in the Speech from the Throne that was delivered on November 14 in the House of Assembly.

In his speech the Governor said, “Our government would put forward legislation to introduce and regulate the gaming and betting industry to provide for the establishment of the gambling, gaming and betting control commission.”

According to the Governor, the Commission will examine the matters of betting and gambling to put together a more streamlined approach.

“The Commission will establish a licensing framework that would avert criminal or illegal activities. The gaming and betting industry will and among other areas cover sectors such horseracing and the cruise industry. These are areas that have not been structurally targeted to encourage revenue and employment,” the Governor said.

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