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Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021

Gathering sizes increased to a maximum of 50 and 100 persons

Gathering sizes increased to a maximum of 50 and 100 persons

With the British Virgin Islands experiencing a significant reduction in positive COVID-19 cases, Cabinet has decided to further relax a few of the curfew policies now allowing for an increase in gathering sizes.

This is according to the latest Public Health (COVID-19 Control and Suppression Measures) (No. 8) Order, 2020, which was published in the government’s official newspaper – the Gazette – on Thursday.

It said: “All gatherings shall be limited to one person per 64 square feet and shall not exceed 50 persons at any given time, and in the case of vulnerable persons, the gathering shall be limited to no more than five persons, as certified by the Chief Environmental Health Officer.”

The legislation listed examples of gatherings within the aforementioned context to include sporting and recreational activities, cultural activities, commercial activities, and non-essential gatherings and events.

The order further outlined protocols which must be followed for persons who intend to hold outdoor events that may breach the 50-person limit.

“Where the organisers of an outdoor event anticipate that the event will exceed a gathering of 50 persons, he or she shall make a written request to the minister (Minister for Health), seeking permission to hold the event,” it explained.

Up to 100 for church-related functions

The Order further said the 50-person limit does not apply to events such as faith-based services, graduation ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and funerals.

It said the aforementioned events are now allowed to hold one person per sixty-four square feet and shall not exceed 100 persons at any given time.

COVID-19 Stats

Confirmed cases – 71
Active cases – 9
Recoveries – 61
Deaths – 1
Number of Persons Tested – Over 4,400


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