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Thursday, Apr 09, 2020

Gen-Y Factor auditions kick off next month; $10K prize this year

Gen-Y Factor auditions kick off next month; $10K prize this year

The fourth annual Gen-Y Factor Singing Competition is scheduled to begin auditions next month, and will see the 2020 winner copping an increased grand prize of $10,000.

A media release from the Department of Youth Affairs & Sports in the Ministry of Education and Culture revealed number of changes to this year’s competition which is themed ‘Battle of the School(s): Glee Edition’.

“There will be two semifinals nights instead of one because we will be taking three finalists from each school. At the semifinals, only one person from each school will move forward to the finals, ” said Director of Youth Affairs Brenda Lettsome-Tye.

She further said all finalist will be provided the necessary wardrobe and training to ensure that the focus is placed on the execution of their talent.

“One of the things that we believe is that we need to treat all young people equally and give them an equal footing. For the competition, all they will have to worry about is presenting their performance on stage,” Lettsome-Tye explained.

How to sign up

The Department of Youth Affairs & Sports is urging all qualified persons between the ages of 15 to 29 to sign up for the competition before the February 29 deadline date.

“Students who wish to sign up should complete the registration form and email to or drop off at the department on the second floor of the Ward’s Building. Forms can be collected at the department or online at,” the aforesaid release stated.

It further said that registration can also be done at any secondary or tertiary institution.


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