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Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

Give Henry Creque A Chance - Fraser Says Territory Needs His Skills

Give Henry Creque A Chance - Fraser Says Territory Needs His Skills

Third District Representative Hon. Julian Fraser announced that he would like the matter of how Henry Creque is being allegedly treated by the British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) fully examined.
The Opposition member’s request followed a complaint that he raised twice during the Thursday, November 14 sitting of the House of Assembly.

Hon. Fraser first brought the subject up about Creque, who was the former Deputy General Manager of BVIEC during the debate of the Motion to appoint the new Chair of the BVI Electricity Corporation and during the Private Members Business segment of the House.

According to Hon. Fraser, Creque is not being given a chance to access a Request For Proposal (RFP) for a renewable energy project his company is interested in bidding on.

Hon. Fraser explained that the Territory does not have an abundance of skills, or an abundance of talent; therefore, he said that the ones that the Territory has should be cherished. In this light he noted that Creque, who was unsuccessful in the last general elections when he contested under the National Democratic Party (NDP), is a talented person who should be given an opportunity to contribute his skills to the Territory’s development.

Hon. Fraser said that Creque contributed greatly to BVIEC and the Territory especially following the hurricanes of 2017:

“I want to say Mister Speaker I am speaking about one person right now – that’s Mister Henry Creque, who without a doubt was very instrumental in getting the BVI Electricity Corporation back on its feet after hurricane Irma. That young man, I’m not a judge, I’m not here to judge anyone for their actions. He decided to run for public office and the fact that he is not in here it meant that he was unsuccessful. He was the Deputy General Manager for the BVI Electricity Corporation. Like I said this Territory isn’t flushed with talent, it isn’t flushed with skills,” Hon. Fraser stated.

According to Hon. Fraser, he is raising the concern out his own belief that the situation is not right, not because he was asked to do it.

“I wasn’t sent here by Henry; no he didn’t send me. He doesn’t know that I am talking about him…This is a young that I met working for the corporation when I took office. I remember that young man as a child when his grandfather used to bring him to Rotary at the time and that was fascinating…then I watched him grow to be a man, became gainfully employed at the Electricity Corporation, and executed his duties with flying colors," Hon. Fraser stated.

He added, "Henry is a Smith, he’s a Creque, he’s one of us. This BVI Electricity Corporation, this country needs talent… I expect in the very near future for someone to say he was made an offer and he refused it or he was made an offer and he took it.”

Additionally, Hon. Fraser said that he has no political motives as he is neither NDP or the Virgin Islands Party (VIP).

"I think I am still in position to advocate for what’s right. We cannot afford to victimize anyone. I am not blaming anyone, I’m not charging anyone or accusing anyone of victimization. All I am saying to you is a talent like that should never be wasted. Granted that the Board is now being formed for the first time since the government took office,” Hon. Fraser stated.

It was during the Private Members business that Hon. Fraser read correspondent to explain what transpired between Creque and the BVIEC that warranted his intervention.

Following that declaration, Hon. Fraser read a thread of communication where Creque requested information about the BVIEC renewable energy project that the public interest was solicited for. It was noted that the first request was not responded to and Creque had to send another.

The second correspondent was allegedly responded to, and in that response he was allegedly told that he was not qualified for the project. It was then noted that Creque responded stating his qualifications and experience working in the field.

This situation Hon. Fraser announced needed to be reviewed and he asked that the results be made available.

“I don’t expect to hear any more about this at least not tonight until a review of this has been carried out, and it has been assessed and the answers are brought back,” Hon. Fraser stated.

The Creque matter was also raised by Leader of the Opposition Hon. Marlon Penn, and Fourth District Representative Hon. Mark Vanterpool.

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