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‘God showed me there would be a woman leader’- Sandra Phillip-Hodge

‘God showed me there would be a woman leader’- Sandra Phillip-Hodge

Commentator, local author and 'prayer warrior' Sandra Phillip-Hodge has said it was only right and fitting that the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) was re-elected as it had "unfinished business" and that God had shown her a woman was going to be in leadership.

Speaking during a livestream on her Facebook page which she titled, ‘God has spoken,’ on April 26, 2023, Mrs Phillip-Hodge said that when Deputy Premier Honourable Lorna G. Smith, OBE was sworn in, it felt like it was the most natural thing to her and that it was God’s will being fulfilled.

“Last week God gave me this word regarding the elections…God showed me, that there would be a woman leader in this election, and he showed me who the person was. But I didn’t want to call any name. And I’m here today to testify that God’s word is truth…He does not lie. When he gives a message to any of his prophets…to come forth with it, is our duty to do so and if there are consequences for it then we have to trust God,” she said.

As such, Mrs Phillip-Hodge went on to encourage others to speak up if they have a revelation, adding that said she does not want to be called a prophet just for the sake of it.

She also spoke about what she described as the church being ‘silent’ in relation to various topics and withholding prophecies.

“Because sometimes I do feel as if the church is so silent and so many things, and I want to believe that if we are such a godly people, we are a Christian nation and if we have so many church leaders, so many people in the clergy out there, God must be speaking to them and giving them a message for the nation. But too often things are happening and you’re not hearing the voices, you’re not hearing anybody stepping out boldly in faith to prophesy a word from God,” Mrs Phillip-Hodge continued.

The ruling Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Government.

No issues with Hon Smith's design to join VIP

She went on to state that she does not see anything wrong with Hon Smith’s decision to move from one group to another.

“Because, the leader on that side, his Party gained the majority of persons to form the government- that is something that we cannot dispute. The other Parties barely had half enough, they didn’t even make quite half enough of the persons required…,” Mrs Phillip-Hodge noted, as she posited that it was only right and sensible that the VIP be allowed to finish its unfinished business.

“I want to say to the nation, to the people who are out there complaining and criticising, we have to acknowledge God’s hand in the affairs of man. It is not always what we want or what we like,” Mrs Phillip-Hodge continued.

She further stressed that she tries to be neutral since it is not easy taking sides and doing God’s work, while she established that she is not on anyone’s side but God.

“Our people need to start putting God first. When we put God first we accept God’s decisions…He knows the outcome of every election even before the process starts. God’s will must be done,” Mrs Philip-Hodge said.

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