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Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

Gov’t broke relationship with UK, says Penn

Gov’t broke relationship with UK, says Penn

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has accused the government of breaking the BVI’s relationship with the United Kingdom (UK).
According to Penn, the Andrew-Fahie led administration seems to be incapable of getting things done.

“The reality is that this government and this cabinet spent the better part of the first year or two years [in office] in a fighting match with the governor and the United Kingdom,” Penn said recently on the NDP radio programme.

“The Premier would bring out statements or conversations between him and the governor, would read letters that he wrote to the governor, wrote to the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office), wrote to the Overseas Minister in the House of Assembly – a continued fight, instead of we look towards how we can work collaboratively to develop our country for the best interest of our people,“ Penn said.

“You had a breakdown in the relationship,” he continued.

The Opposition Leader questioned how private conversations were expected to continue with the UK if every detail was being aired publicly as was the case with the government and the former governor, Augustus Jaspert.

“This is a breakdown government, they’ve broken down the relationship that we had with the United Kingdom,“ he reiterated.

Penn argued that as a result of this breakdown, the government was avoiding having to go to the UK at all costs for any kind of borrowing.

“That’s why they took the $40 million as a grant from Social Security,” Penn suggested.

He continued, “If they want a loan, they would have to get approval for any loan that we need to get done.”

Despite Penn’s assertions, the government has managed to secure consistent assistance from the UK to help combat COVID-19 locally.

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