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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Gov’t can’t continue to run capital projects from recurrent spending

Gov’t can’t continue to run capital projects from recurrent spending

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has accused the government of continuing to run capital projects from its recurrent expenditure.

Speaking on the NDP radio programme last week, Penn said some of the projects that were stalled under the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) government, including the Road Town market square, were as a result of a lack of funding being allocated.

“There is no money allocated for these projects. You cannot continue to run capital projects from recurrent expenditure,“ the Opposition Leader argued.

He accused the government of also not doing anything to move the projects forward or to adequately finance them.

Billboard and ‘break down’ government

According to the Opposition Leader, the territory has a ‘billboard government’.

“They like Facebook posts and billboards around the territory. We continue to put up these billboards about what projects are coming soon and what we’re going to do and big ceremonies,” Penn said.

Penn claimed that the government held two ceremonies recently to dedicate one building in Virgin Gorda. He continued to assert that the government has only executed projects that were engineered and funded by the former National Democratic Party (NDP) administration.

Penn also accused the government of being a ‘break down government’.

He argued that the government demolished the Road Town market square even though it was functioning and displaced the people in the area.

Penn also accused the government of leaving fishermen in the territory as nomads, ‘roaming around the territory to sell their fish’, even as they demolished the Baughers Bay fishing complex.

“They continue to just break down buildings. They obviously don’t have the capacity to get these projects executed,” Penn charged.


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