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Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Gov’t committed to rooting out ‘possibility’ of corruption

Gov’t committed to rooting out ‘possibility’ of corruption

The Government of National Unity has committed itself to removing any prospect of corruption among its ranks.
This is according to Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, who said in the House of Assembly recently, that the society is calling for greater transparency and the government is providing that greater transparency.

“We are completely committed to rooting out even the possibility of corruption, even the possibility of abuse of office,” Premier Wheatley stated.

Commenting further on the new Register of Interests (ROI) legislation that was being put forward, Premier Wheatley said that persons serving in public life, including legislators, often had a thankless task while making sacrifices for the territory.

He was also keen on emphasising that the scope of the legislation did not just apply to legislators, but to other categories of persons serving in public life.

“The calls for transparency from elected officials will now extend to others in public life, where you will have to declare what assets you have and those of your family, your immediate family,” the Premier stated.

The Premier said he believes very firmly that measures being taken by the government now will not only strengthen its institutions but the fabric of the BVI society as well.

He said it will also demonstrate confidence to the public and supporters that the territory can govern itself and elevate its governance to a level which will make its people proud.

In the meantime, ROI legislation also includes fines and penalties which he said was necessary in helping legislators remain accountable in making the necessary declarations of their interests.

Deputy Premier Kye Rymer said the proposed bill will accompany the previously passed Integrity in Public Life Act.

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