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Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021

Gov’t extends contracts to use hotels as quarantine facilities

Gov’t extends contracts to use hotels as quarantine facilities

Government has agreed to extend the contracts of hotels which are being used as isolation facilities in the territory during the Phase II border re-entry period.

This is according to Health Minister Carvin Malone who said in a national address on Friday that the extension was only one of Cabinet’s recent decisions made during a special session on Thursday.

“As a Cabinet we decided, in principle, to extend, if needed, contracts with hotels from the inventory previously contracted, on a month-to-month basis to support community quarantine and other special requirements, subject to approval of the financial arrangements by the Ministry of Finance,” he said.

Back in June, Minister Malone announced that the government identified 250 rooms across 12 properties to use as state quarantine facilities. He said if the properties were contracted up to September 14, it would cost the government a total of $2,357,000.

Inland Revenue Good Standing requirement removed

In the meantime, Malone also said Cabinet decided to amend Phase II of the Restricted Border Re-Opening Protocols.

It will now take account of relevant emerging issues which are to be approved by Malone on a case-by-case basis.

“We also decided to remove the inclusion of Inland Revenue Certificates of Good Standing as one of the requirements for Phase 2 of the Restricted Border Re-opening process as the current system utilised by the Inland Revenue Department,” he added.

Social Monitoring Task Force

The health minister further said Cabinet decided the Deputy Governor’s Office will support the establishment of the Social Monitoring Task Force.

He said the office will assist with the re-assignment of public officers or other qualified persons outside of the public service as designated by the minister.

“We noted that upon the establishment of the Social Monitoring Task Force, the Task Force will cooperate with the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force and the Environmental Health Division in enforcing the Suppression Order, 2020,” Malone stated.

He added: “We also decided that the Social Distancing Task Force ensures that the Public Service adheres to COVID-19 protocols established for the safety of staff and the management of office operations.”

Operational hours for essential gov’t offices

Meanwhile, a decision was also made on the operational hours for limited essential government offices.

From September 7 to 16, government offices will operate between the hours of 8 am and 12 pm in the first instance.


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