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Thursday, Dec 08, 2022

Gov’t legislators dispel ‘reckless rumours’ after proposed demotion

Gov’t legislators dispel ‘reckless rumours’ after proposed demotion

Immigration & Labour Minister Vincent Wheatley has sought to dispel what he described as ‘reckless’ assertions made against him in recent days.

“I have heard many unfounded reckless things said about me, which I can assure you are all baseless,” Wheatley wrote in a Facebook post last night.

His statement follows news that he and Health Minister Carvin Malone will be demoted from their ministerial portfolios if and when the governor accepts the proposed cross-partisan National Unity Government announced by Acting Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, yesterday, May 4.

According to the Minister, many persons — particularly those in his Ninth District — were feeling disappointed and angry at this proposal, which would see Opposition legislators Marlon Penn and Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull inheriting their (Vincent and Malone’s) ministerial portfolios.

But the Ninth District representative said this was understandable.

For his part, Wheatley was adamant that a call for sacrifice did not mean he had to relinquish any of the successes he’s had while serving in office.

“The Acting Premier has called for unity and sacrifice, based on meetings with UK Officials,” Wheatley stated. “However, what I will not sacrifice is the significant progress we have made in establishing a Lands Distribution Programme, Environmental Protection initiatives, continued reform in Labour and Immigration and the many other things we were able to accomplish for the people of this territory.”

Wheatley said he will continue to do his best to continue the transformation that was started just a few years ago.

I volunteered to give up ministerial portfolio, Malone says

Meanwhile, Health Minister Malone has also sought to offer a disclaimer of his own.

In public post early Thursday morning, Malone made it clear that he was not listed or inferred in the Commission of Inquiry’s (COI) report for audit or investigation. He said there has been chatter indicating otherwise.

“This rumour is deliberate and it is wrong. Stop it,” Malone said.

He added: “Just to be clear, I voluntarily agreed to cede my appointment as Minister for Health and Social Development in support of unification that is aimed at reform while addressing the 45+ recommendations listed in the COI’s report.”


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