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Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

Gov't never gave RDA a full chance so I sympathise with CEO's decision to resign - Governor

Gov't never gave RDA a full chance so I sympathise with CEO's decision to resign - Governor

While expressing ‘disappointment’ that Paul Bayly has resigned as CEO of the BVI’s Recovery & Development Agency (RDA), Governor Augustus Jaspert has made strong suggestions that central government caused the New Zealand national to quit the $300,000-per-year job.

“It is disappointing that the Government of the Virgin Islands has not fully given the RDA the opportunity to realise it’s potential. I therefore understand and sympathise with Mr Bayly’s decision,” Governor Jaspert said while reacting to the news on Tuesday.

The governor further gave indications of being concerned about whether Bayly’s departure will stunt the territory’s recovery process.

He, therefore, said it is now vital for the RDA to ‘build on Bayly’s achievements’.

“The RDA is incredibly important to BVI’s recovery and development – a top priority for us all – and I sincerely hope that the setback of BVI losing such an experienced and talented CEO does not hamper recovery efforts,” the Governor said.

“The RDA requires the full support of the Premier and his ministers so that it can work with government, bring in funding and deliver transparency, value for money and a full and prosperous recovery for the people of this territory.”

Job opening an opportunity for locals to step up

Government, in the meantime, said the CEO job vacancy at the RDA now affords a local to step up to the challenge of running the RDA.

“We thank him (Bayly) for his service and wish him the best in his future endeavours,” government said while noting that Bayly’s resignation came as a surprise.

It continued: “The government has invested in its people, and our people have invested in themselves. We are therefore confident that Virgin Islanders have the necessary skills to lead the RDA and to continue taking the Virgin Islands forward with the recovery, which is on the move.”

The RDA announced Bayly’s resignation late Tuesday.


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