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Saturday, May 08, 2021

Gov’t offering special visa waiver to boost tourism

Gov’t offering special visa waiver to boost tourism

The British Virgin Islands will be relaxing its entry requirements by opening up the territory to select nationalities that currently need a visa to enter the territory.

This will be done through a special visa waiver initiative.

“Tourist arrivals will get an additional boost when we launch a special visitor’s visa waiver for persons from specific countries who may have been deterred from visiting the BVI due to current VISA restrictions,” Premier Fahie Andrew Fahie in a recent statement.

He continued: “Such persons would be able to visit the Virgin Islands on a one-month single entry visa once they have a return airline ticket and proof of secured and approved accommodation.”

The leader of government business did not specify the countries to which this visa waiver will apply. He also did not say when this initiative will take effect.

The Premier, however, said the initiative will benefit hotels, villas and other accommodations as well as car rentals, taxi and tour operators, restaurants, and other businesses.

A little less than one hundred countries in the world currently require a visa to enter the BVI.

These include Russia, Cuba, Columbia, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, North Korea, Nigeria, Philippines, Egypt, Dominican Republic, several counties in Africa and the Middle East, among others.

Screenshot from the BVI’s London Office website on things to know when applying for visa.


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