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Wednesday, Oct 04, 2023

Gov’t pushing hard to sign to sewerage contract in coming days

Gov’t pushing hard to sign to sewerage contract in coming days

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley said his government is moving aggressively towards signing a contract in the coming days for the East End/Long Look (EE/LL) Sewerage Project.
“One thing that persons will notice over the next few weeks is that we are pushing hard to get a contract signed for some inter-connections between the gravity lines and the main line going down to Long Swamp,” Premier Wheatley said on the VIP Let’s Talk radio programme.

He explained that tenders have already been evaluated and said a technical committee has already forwarded a report to the Central Tenders Board for the sewerage treatment plant for a decision to be made.

Dr Wheatley also dismissed what he described as “false information“ about the Eighth District being ignored and said no such thing had happened.

“When we’re finished doing the work of connecting the mainstay from Parham Town straight down to Long Swamp, we will be able to continue with the roadwork all the way into the Eighth District, so the Eighth District certainly hasn’t been forgotten about,” the premier said.

In fact, the Premier expressed that manholes and wet wells have been ordered and should be arriving shortly for the project, and are expected to be installed in conjunction with pipes which have been awaiting their arrival.

Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Eighth District candidate, Allen Wheatley said he was hopeful that there would soon be a connection between the Seventh and Eighth districts within the next few months.


Meanwhile, Premier Wheatley also reiterated that tenders went out for roads between Paraquita Bay and Hodges Creek as well as and for the section between Hodges Creek and Fat Hogs Bay.

“It’s going to be two phases,” he commented “I believe the tenders, if they haven’t come in, they should be coming in the next couple weeks or so. So we’re pushing to see if we can get those contracts signed over the next couple of weeks.”

He further explained that sewerage work needed to be done before the roads could be completed so that the roads won’t be dug up again.

Premier Wheatley shared that residents can expect a number of features for the new road networks in the districts, including sidewalks, proper drainage and conduits to facilitate the future laying of electric cable lines.

He also assured persons that accommodations will be made for landscaping, which he said will likely feature palm trees alongside the roadway.

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