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Monday, Jan 25, 2021

Gov’t reduces cost of COVID accessories for all travellers

Gov’t reduces cost of COVID accessories for all travellers

As of December 1, each traveller who enters the BVI will be required to pay a total of $175 for two COVID-19 tests, a contact tracing bracelet, and a COVID-19 monitoring app.
This cost is significantly less than the cost that was more than $400, which was initially projected for each traveller when the government first announced the reopening protocols two weeks ago.

Speaking at a public conference on the reopening protocols Tuesday night, November 10, Premier Andrew Fahie said tourists, citizens, Belongers, permanent residents and work permit holders will all be required to pay this new $175 cost for the COVID accessories.

Recently, Premier Fahie revealed that contact tracing bracelets will have to be returned to officials so they can be sanitised and reused by new visitors.

At the public conference last night, he said persons will be charged if the bracelets are damaged.

“Cabinet also agreed that persons will be charged $125 for any tampering or damage to the monitoring bracelet. Cabinet also agreed travellers requiring a test from a government facility to facilitate exit from the territory will be charged $70 per test,” Premier Fahie said.

In addition to the cost reductions granted, Premier Fahie said that for the first months after the December 1 reopening, the government will continue to allow citizens, Belongers, permanent residents, and work permit holders to quarantine free of charge at government-designated facilities.

However, these persons will have to cover the cost of their food while under quarantine.

Health Minister Carvin Malone who was also present at Tuesday’s public conference reiterated that persons will no longer be subjected to a $3,500 security fee if they decide to quarantine at their private property. However, he said health officials will have to examine private facilities to verify that they are fit to house those in quarantine.

In the meantime, Minister Malone confirmed that the government will provide transportation to take all arriving visitors to quarantine facilities whether these facilities are on land or at sea.

“I know that some jurisdictions you can drive yourself to the quarantine space but we will not take that chance at this time,” Malone explained.

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