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Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Gov’t still working on permanent fix to Road Reef sewerage issue

Gov’t still working on permanent fix to Road Reef sewerage issue

The Ministry of Works & Utilities is still working on a permanent fix to the sewerage problem at the entrance of Road Marina.
In an email sent earlier this morning — a copy of which BVI News has seen — the Permanent Secretary in the Minister of Transport, Works and Utilities Ronald Smith-Berkeley said the new pumps arrived in the territory last December.

“We are in the process of fabricating the new well. The new well and pumps will be relocated from the centre of the road to the shoulder of the road. This is the permanent solution mentioned. That said, the current situation will be remedied this morning,” Smith-Berkley said.

The heavy rainfall over the weekend saw the issue re-emerging and the Director and Base Manager of TMM Yacht Charters, located at Road Reef Marina, Mark Sanders filed another complaint via email.

“Once again, the poor folk working at Road Reef find themselves exposed to the hazardous human waste pooling across the entire entrance of our workplace, and into our adjacent marina. Once again, I find myself having to apologize to our charter guests who have slept on board, breathing the foul stench of floating sewage,” the Director said in his email.

“This disgusting liquid is also being walked on people’s shoes into the RiteWay Food Store directly adjacent on the other side of the road – how can this be allowed to happen with this predictable frequency? I respectfully ask when the permanent fix – ‘there is a permanent fix in the making but will not come to fruition until Q2 of 2021 approximately’ promised in 2020 and now nearly a year overdue will actually take place?” Sanders continued.

The Base Manager said he was looking forward to urgent action and a permanent solution to the “years-old reported problem”.

In November, BVI News reported that it seemed the Ministry of Works was finally addressing the longstanding issue. Sanders had noted government workers were digging up the roads to replace the pipes.

However, Sanders said he was a bit hesitant to believe the issue would be permanently addressed because of previous experience.

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