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Saturday, Oct 31, 2020

Gov’t to implement code of conduct laws for public officials

Gov’t to implement code of conduct laws for public officials

Government has announced plans to implement a number of measures and legislations in the British Virgin Islands which is geared towards solidifying good governance in the territory.

Premier Andrew Fahie in a recent statement said he is delivering on his election campaign promise to put the necessary systems in place to ensure transparency, accountability, good governance and best practices in the BVI.

“Immediately, we will be moving to put in place, in short order, the Code of Ethics for ministers, all elected officials, public officers and all statutory bodies, ” the Premier said.

“The new procurement legislation and asset seizure legislation will also to be brought into force and this will cultivate a new era of transparency which, might I add, would include spouses and extended family members of public officials, ” he added.

He continued: “With these systems in place, the public purse will be more securely protected. Taxpayers will get greater value for money. Citizens will be treated more fairly. Persons will be able to enjoy a life in the BVI where they would not be unfairly subject to their reputations being tarnished or their character assassinated while they are innocent,” the Premier said.

Audited financial statements being processed

Premier Fahie, who is also the Minister of Finance, pointed to what he deemed as an unconstitutional act under the previous NDP administration to not produce any audited financial statement since 2016.

He said his government has been working to produce he outstanding audited statements for the previous financial years.

“I am pleased to say that the 2017 audited financial statement is in the process of being completed and the 2018 audited financial statement will follow thereafter,” Premier Fahie stated.


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