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Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

Gov't To Involve More Youth In Final Year – Smith

Gov't To Involve More Youth In Final Year – Smith

At-Large Representative, Hon. Neville Smith says the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) administration in the final year will focus on youth.
“One of the things that we are going to do in this last year is we are going to involve more young people in whatever we do,” Hon. Smith said during a political meeting in the First District on Saturday, January 29.

He added, “We always talk about improving what we do with young people and we say we putting them on boards, but boards is not the answer; we are trying.”

He expressed the need to start bringing young people around the table so that they could be part of the discussion.

According to Hon. Smith, “We cannot no longer continue not to listen to what they are saying. We have to listen,” Hon. Smith noted.

He added, “My mother always says, 'The way you learn is when you listen'; so we have to listen to the young people when they cry because they are crying for a reason."

The first-time legislator stated that there is a trend where people who know better are feeding young people the wrong information.

"We have to make the information more easily within their reach so that they get it at their fingertips. Don’t have them out there saying things that are not true. We have to give them that information so I want to encourage each district to come up with a think tank and let the young people run this think tank and bring it back to the Government," Hon. Smith stated.

He added, “We have to come up with a system that we can feed the young people the right information and I am going to start a programme where the young people could get their information straight from the source and not from nobody's mouth.”

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