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Friday, Dec 04, 2020

Gov't to request UN's Special Committee on Decolonisation to assist with constitutional review

Gov't to request UN's Special Committee on Decolonisation to assist with constitutional review

Government will be inviting the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonisation to deploy a team to the British Virgin Islands to assist the territory with its constitutional review process.

The Premier announced those plans in the House of Assembly on Monday while debating the motion on whether the BVI should undertake a constitutional review.

“As the UN’s Special Committee continues its work in the remaining period of the third international decade for the eradication of colonialism, the BVI believes the Special Committee has a meaningful role to play in our case,” he said.

He added, “We will call on the Special Committee to facilitate a self-governance assessment of the BVI to assist any democratic deficiencies in the BVI-UK relationship. The question is, do we have support for the growth, development and advancement of the British Virgin Islands?”

BVI welcomes the support

Premier Fahie said the BVI would welcome the support from the UN if they decide to accept his request to dispatch a visiting mission to the territory.

“A review of the constitution means there’s an opportunity for the visit mission from the UN to see what the conditions are on ground and hear the views of the people themselves on various matters,” Fahie stated.

“As we move forward with the Constitutional Review with a Constitutional Commission that will be in place, we recognise that it is important to dispatch a visiting mission to the British Virgin Islands. We saw that the UK had agreed to such a visiting mission in the case of Montserrat and I hope they will also agree to such a mission in the case of the British Virgin Islands,” he further said.

Committee to help with options for BVI’s future

Premier Fahie, who is the leader of government business, also invited the UN to assist in the public discourse of the constitutional review.

He said: “We will also welcome if the Special Committee from the United Nations can help to facilitate on the education campaign on self-determination to educate the population on what the range of options are for the territory’s future,” he said.

“I mention at the outset that the UK’s relationship to the BVI should not be simply limited to the two sides. We have a relationship that requires international accountability which is provided for under the UN framework on decolonisation,” the Premier added.

Fahie said that he also wants the UN to sit as an observer to public deliberations during the territory’s next constitutional review.


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