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Friday, Feb 26, 2021

Gov’t won’t budge! Four-day quarantine for visitors remains

Gov’t won’t budge! Four-day quarantine for visitors remains

Although some sections of the public have called for the government to reduce the four-day quarantine currently set for visitors as of December 1, Premier Andrew Fahie has indicated that the government hasn’t decided to change this protocol.
The Premier gave that indication in a recent interview with ZBVI Radio when he was asked if the government had considered the suggestion to reduce the number of quarantine days tourists have to undergo once they land in the BVI.

He said while the government is willing to adjust some protocols to appease stakeholders and the public, it will not relax measures that threaten the health of the community.

“I could tell the public that we still maintain the four-day quarantine … That is something I could tell the public. The other areas are what we are discussing but we are not compromising certain areas,” the Premier said.

He added: “We are in discussions with the marine industry in terms of what would be best for their clientele without compromising the safety of the people.”

Those who call for a reduction in the number of quarantine days say it will give travellers more opportunities to patronise local businesses and stimulate the economy which has taken a battering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the government remains adamant that it has implemented the four-day quarantine policy to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the territory.

In the meantime, Premier Fahie said the government has appointed a BVI Reopening Steering Committee to facilitate ongoing public engagement as the BVI gets ready to tests it protocols.

He said this committee consists of stakeholders from the private and public sector and will be the ‘face of the BVI’s reopening’. The committee will address concerns, disputes and suggestions that the public may have regarding measures for the December 1 reopening.

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