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Gov't workers to be placed on rotated schedules as public service operates longer

Gov't workers to be placed on rotated schedules as public service operates longer

Public Servants are expected to be rotated to facilitate the extension of government service hours, commencing Monday, May 11.
A circular – sent from the Deputy Governor David Archer to all department heads in the public service and obtained by our newsroom – indicates that the new operating hours for the public service will be from 8 am to 5 pm during the week.

“This does not mean each public officer has to work an extra hour. This means department heads are responsible for arranging schedules so that services are provided within the allotted hours of 8 am to 5 pm,” the Deputy Governor said.

He said these department heads are expected to ensure that they utilise a rotation system and flexible schedules to ensure that government employees are “fully engaged”.

“You will all agree the extended hours of operations are necessary at this critical time to maximise resources and to ensure full access to all Government services by the public. This is part of the continued efforts to adapt to and live with the new realities that we face,” Archer added.

And while commending departments that have passed the inspection, the Deputy Governor urged others to get on board.

“I wish to thank all public officers for their continued efforts in ensuring we can function in a safe and healthy workspace, and we are doing our part in rebooting the economy. I am proud of public officers who continue to provide services to our clients, especially during this period of working and living with COVID-19.

“As a reminder, all departments, units and divisions that have not yet completed their occupancy inspections are required to do so urgently to ensure their operations can resume by Monday, May 11.”

Occupancy inspections are inspections that are carried out to determine whether the offices are suitable for operation with regards to the implementation of various measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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