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Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

Government hosts Prayer Breakfast on leadership

The government held a national prayer breakfast yesterday to encourage community leaders to leave a lasting impact on the people they serve and to inspire them to emulate the character reflected in themselves.
The prayer breakfast was held under the theme “Leadership for the people of the Virgin Islands for such a time as this”.

In a post on social media platform Facebook, Premier Andrew Fahie highlighted that the territory faces several challenges that it must overcome for long-term success.

“It was important to invite leaders from all spectrums of our society to participate in this critical initiative as the issues we face must be addressed collectively and not government solely,” Fahie continued.

To that end, the Premier and Governor John Rankin offered encouraging remarks to those who were in attendance. The main address was delivered by Pastor Calvin Mills of the Church of God (Holiness), Baughers Bay.

According to Fahie, Pastor Mills offered an insightful and inspirational address that sought to hold each person in the audience accountable for their respective areas in which they lead.

“He emphasised that character is at the forefront of leadership and that it is what you do when no one is looking. Furthermore, he pointed out that in order for our character to be effective, it should be bathed in integrity ‘daily’. Continuing, he argued that if each of us simply just complains about the challenges we face then those challenges will remain,” Fahie’s Facebook post stated.

Pastor Mills stressed that a holy relationship with God is important to becoming an exemplary leader for community members.

“He concretised one of the most profound definitions of leadership with an example of Jesus. He referenced that leadership multiplies influence and that Jesus inspired and develop twelve disciples to carry on the work of the Kingdom following his departure and that to this day that influence continues. This is the type of leadership we must all strive for if we hope to have the BVI we envision,” Fahie said.

“Our hope now, for all of us who lead; households, businesses, Churches and Government is to leave a lasting impact on those we serve so that they too will be inspired to emulate the character that has been reflected in us,” the Premier added in his post.

The Premier said leaders cannot be aloof. Fahie quoted Mathew 5:13 which states “in-order for salt to have its effectiveness, it must come into contact with that which it intends to preserve and prepare”.

He encourages the leaders present to have greater participation in their homes, communities, businesses and the wider society.

“We were indeed blessed by the word of God and by the event which God ordained to make an impact on all the leaders in attendance. As the pastor closed, he said we have heard now, and the basket is empty,” the Premier said.

“Therefore, let’s move to enact what we have heard. This is our great hope that each of us will continue to do our part and our best to advance these Virgin Islands. To God be ALL the Glory! One direction, one goal, one people! #BVILOVE,” he concluded.

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