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Monday, Nov 23, 2020

Government petitions UK

Government petitions UK

Government has issued a petition to the United Kingdom to have five sections of the Protocols for Effective Financial Management either removed or restructured to the BVI’s benefit.
Premier Andrew Fahie made the announcement whiling presenting the petition before the House of Assembly on Thursday.

He said the conditions which are present in the five sections of the current Protocols were constraining government from doing their job and from being able to access the resources needed to attend to the needs of residents.

The petition document, according to the Premier, was sent via letter on May 6 and was addressed to the UK’s Minister responsible for Overseas Territories, Baroness Elizabeth Sugg and Governor Augustus Jaspert.

“Today I am tabling a petition to the UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, by the ministers of government that call for the total suspension or restructure of Sections 20, 25, 26, 27 and 28 of the Protocols for Effective Financial Management signed on the 23rd April 2012,” the Premier stated.

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