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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Governor  Jaspert: licensing authority needs to be established before cannabis bill gets his assent

Governor Jaspert: licensing authority needs to be established before cannabis bill gets his assent

In a press release, the Governor of the Virgin Islands Augutus J. U. Jaspert addressed the people of the Virgin Islands and gave updates on the Cannabis Licensing Bill.

The Cannabis and Licensing Bill, 2020 was passed in the House of Assembly and handed over to the Governor’s Office for his assent in July, 2020 .

The Cannabis Licensing Act, 2020 enables the licensed cultivation, processing, importation, exportation and sale of cannabis for certain purposes – largely medicinal and therapeutic.

In addressing the Cannabis Licensing Act 2020, Governor Jaspert stated that the bill presents potential economic opportunities for the Territory.

Governor Jaspert expressed that he applauds the Territory’s efforts to diversify its economy and pledges his support in the efforts.

He said ” I am supportive of BVI investing in new and innovative industries and creating jobs and growth for the people.”

He further stated “therefore, the focus over the past months has been to establish what steps need to be taken for assent to be granted so that any new medical marijuana industry is successful.”

BVI & UK to work together to establish licensing authority

At present, the UK Government acts as the licensing authority of narcotics in the BVI. Under the Cannabis Licensing Act, 2020 a new authority for the licensing of narcotics will have to be established in the BVI.

Governor Jaspert is asking the BVI and UK to take the preliminary steps to transfer authority and enter into a Memorandum of Understanding.

Governor Jaspert revealed that after these steps have been taken, he hopes that assent can be then granted.


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