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Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023

Governor John Rankin's Response to Suspending the Constitution of the British Virgin Islands

Governor John Rankin's Response to Suspending the Constitution of the British Virgin Islands

Governor John Rankin was asked yesterday whether he plans to suspend the constitution of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) before he departs the territory at the end of the year.
The Governor, who has been overseeing good governance reforms recommended by the United Kingdom, has expressed concerns over the slow implementation of these changes.

He has also warned that the UK could suspend the BVI's constitution if they are not satisfied with the progress made.

During a press conference, political commentator and media owner Cindy Rosan asked Governor Rankin whether he has plans to suspend the territory's constitution and whether residents should expect any surprise actions as he heads towards the end of his tenure.

In response, Governor Rankin stated that he remains fully committed to carrying out his responsibilities as Governor for the remainder of his term.

He emphasized his commitment to working with the Premier to ensure the success of the reform process.

Governor Rankin began his tenure in 2021 and much of his time in office has been marked by the fallout from the historic Commission of Inquiry and the good governance reforms that followed.

The Governor has expressed concerns that the elected leaders are not moving swiftly enough to implement the reforms and has stated that he may draw on additional powers to get necessary changes implemented.

This stance has led to a falling out with Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, who has reported the Governor's statements to the United Nations and sought backing from regional bodies such as the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

It is important to note that the suspension of a country's constitution is a serious matter and would require careful consideration and consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

The BVI has a parliamentary system of government, and any decision to suspend the constitution would be made by the Governor in consultation with the Premier and other elected leaders.

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