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Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Governor Rankin reiterates full support for Commission of Inquiry

Governor Rankin reiterates full support for Commission of Inquiry

The BVI’s new governor, John Rankin has reiterated his support for the Commission of Inquiry (COI) which seeks to investigate matters of political corruption in recent years.
When past governor, Augustus Jaspert first announced the COI, he had stated that the investigations had the new governor’s full endorsement.

After he was sworn into office on January 29, Governor Rankin gave his inaugural address in which he said: “I fully support the Commission of Inquiry called by my predecessor and I hope the people of the BVI feel empowered to engage in the Commission so it delivers for the people.”

He continued: “I see it as a vital opportunity for these islands to carve a clearer path towards good governance and greater self-determination.”

Governor Rankin will be the one to receive the Commissioner’s report when the Inquiry is completed. He will be responsible for working with elected leaders to implement recommendations made in the report.

He also confirmed that one of his main areas of focus will be section 60 of the BVI Constitution which sets out his responsibilities for areas including:

(a) external affairs,
(b) defence, including the armed forces;
(c) internal security, including the Police Force, without prejudice to section 57;
(d) the terms and conditions of service of persons holding or acting in public offices, without prejudice to section 92; and
(e) the administration of the courts;

Section 60 also says the Governor must consult with the Premier on a number of matters.

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