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Friday, Feb 26, 2021

Governor Augustus Jaspert’s Statements Designed To Undermine Local Gov't

Governor Augustus Jaspert’s Statements Designed To Undermine Local Gov't

The recent statements alleging victimization, intimidation, lack of transparency and good governance in the British Virgin Islands uttered by outgoing Governor Augustus Jaspert is designed to undermine the sitting Andrew Fahie-led administration.
This is according to government consultant and talk show host Claude Skelton Cline.

Addressing the issue on Tuesday via his show, Honestly Speaking, Skelton Cline said any “sober, thoughtful, loyal Virgin Islander” would be able to know that, “something is radically wrong with how this governor has conducted and continue to conduct himself even as he exits this country.”

Skelton Cline further opined that the Governor has become personal in his statements.

“This is no longer functioning as someone in a post, this thing has become personal,” he stated, adding that he is on a mission to find out the reason why this has become personal and “I’m going to get to it and when I get to it I am going to share it with you the audience.”

He added, “When you see persons like Governor Jaspert using their posts by making statements that are designed to undermine, they are subversive in their nature, they are subversive in their intent and by subversive I mean undermining, they are trying to pull the rug from under you, they are trying to pull the table foot from under you. When you see the Governor make these types of statements, the intent is for you to have no confidence and or to loose whatever confidence you have in your government. That black people can’t lead, that black people are corrupt.”

He then issued a call to the Caucasian community to step in and play their part.

“You need to stand up. You go to these social events with the Governor, you need to pull the Governor aside and give him some sensitivity training! To understand the culture of which you as a white brother or sister is now integrally apart of. These statements are reckless, and again I want our people to understand that they are designed for you to lose confidence in the competencies, in the capacities, the credibility of your elected officials. That’s what is for, they did it on the continent of Africa, we don’t need the UK to tell us to practice good governance, we been practicing good governance and when anything has gone awry, we have a system in place to address those persons and those matters,” Skleton Cline stated.

Premier Andrew Fahie in response to Governor Jaspert’s statement said the words have far-reaching implications on a global scale.

“I am very concerned that the manner in which the Governor has chosen to make his ambiguous pronouncements, with broad statements and withholding even the most basic of details, assaults not just the integrity of all members of your elected Government, but that of our honest, hardworking public officers who operate the machinery of our public service – and in particular those public officers whose roles include accounting and finance. It is sad that this is the goodbye gift that Governor chooses to leave the people of the BVI with after they have showed him BVILOVE for the last four years,” he stated in a response on December 3.

Goose liver 77 days ago
It is so nice and easy for zero-talented people who did nothing in their life, to come to the BVI with dirty hands just to point fingers, instead of cleaning up the huge and systematic corruption inside the UK...Ha?

Who really murdered Diana? How much bribe did Tony Blair got for sending idiots from the UK army to fight and to be killed for NOTHING on the fake war in Iraq? How much influence against the UK’s interest got Mrs. Elizabeth by her pedophile son Andrew, in exchange to the sex services he got from the Mossad agent Epstein?

And how come that News of The World has been convicted of bribing many Scotland Yard officers for many many years, to commit serious crimes against UK citizens and officials, and none of them has been jailed or even just charged?

WTF is the “good governance” that this Goose liver idiot is talking about? Go back home and take care your corrupted country. This is not your home and this is not your Elizabeth’s territory.

And on the way back home, take with you all the informers and traitors you employ here, and the arsenal of nuclear weapons you hide in the territory while endangering the lives of all the islanders, that has nothing to do with your occupation-robbery-rape-war culture and tradition.


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