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Friday, Nov 27, 2020

Govt. Doles Out $$ To Move Premier’s Office To Cutlass Building

Govt. Doles Out $$ To Move Premier’s Office To Cutlass Building

Premier and Minister of Finance, Hon. Andrew Fahie is moving office to Cutlass Building in Road Town and the decision could cost tax payers annually.
Based on information from recent Cabinet meetings, a decision was taken to have the Government enter into a lease agreement with Lake Development Co. Ltd.

But the decision leaves many unanswered questions, particularly as there has been no reason provided for the decision to relocate from the Central Administration Complex, which has traditionally served as the seat of the Premier.

Since the hurricanes of 2017, the Complex has not been fully repaired. Workers continue to serve the public from cramped office spaces and in some cases without air-condition.

However, it appears that the Premier’s Office is seeking a bit more comfort by relocating to the Cutlass Building, which houses a restaurant, BVI Finance and serves as the head office for a regional fuel supply company.

The rate in the Government proposal is $38 per square foot, plus a monthly service fee of $4.25 per square foot, per floor.

In the first instant, the Government is to lease two floors for a period of three years for office space measuring 3,067 square feet.

Additionally, the Government will also lease 932 square feet for five years for office space to accommodate the Office of the Premier.

There is the belief that monies being spent to lease could go towards repairs of the Admin Complex.

However, it is unclear whether the move was necessary to undertake those repairs and are those repairs likely to last five years.
The move comes weeks after Minister of Transportation, Works and Utilities, Hon. Kye Rymer announced plans to accelerate the restoration works at the complex.

Cutlass Building is a 6-storey office facility that was completed in 2011.

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