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Sunday, Sep 26, 2021

Graduating classes gifted book on personal finance

Graduating classes gifted book on personal finance

Graduating classes of public secondary schools throughout the Virgin Islands can focus on career and personal finance with the assistance of local Author, Dalan Vanterpool in partnership with BDO British Virgin Islands and CTL Home Center Ltd.
Copies of the book, “NO BOSS, ONLY CLIENTS: How to Build an Extraordinary Career and a Life of Freedom” were gifted to graduates that will present an insider’s guide to navigating work life and managing their money. The books were donated to the Bregado Flax Educational Centre, Claudia Creque Educational Centre, Elmore Stoutt High School and the Virgin Islands School of Technical Studies.

Author Dalan Vanterpool is a financial educator and private banker from the Virgin Islands is currently working in Panama. He helps modern professionals connect their career moves to their wealth goals via his blog and the Careers Cash Flow podcast at

Mr. Vanterpool said “Having access to the right information can significantly increase the chances of success, especially when it comes to work and money. This varies depending on who and what you are exposed to over time. It is time to even the score and make sure more of our people are equipped with the insider knowledge that builds powerful careers and personal finances.”

The author added that graduates will learn the following:

* Build careers and a thriving business with the right systems to earn
* Reprogram their minds from “passive employee” to “valuable service provider.”
* Activate unconventional ways to get known in their company and industry.
* Build genuine relationships with people that can supercharge their growth.
* Negotiate a wider compensation package rather than a basic salary.
* Get noticed by the right people and become a powerful force in their industry.
* Get paid more, get paid differently, and begin investing their money for even more gains.

Chief Education Officer, Mrs. Connie George said the Ministry of Education was grateful for the donation to the graduating classes which will give them an extra tool to help them succeed in life after school.

The text can also be purchased online and it is available in paperback, audio, and digital formats on

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