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‘Great turnout’ for August Boat Races @ Carrot Bay!

The Boat Drama Racing Club Ltd decided to shift the race route of its August Boat Races from West End to Carrot Bay where the waters were calmer on July 31, 2022, and it turned out to be a very good move as it also allowed for more vantage points for persons to view the exciting races.

Six races were run off in view of a large number of persons who lined the shoreline of Carrot Bay, some at the back of trucks and some in the comfort of their vehicles.

Race Results

The first race of the day, for under 20FT (200 - 250HP) boats, was won by Jet Blue (16FT Action Marine). Second was Get Lucky (18FT Action Marine).

Race 2, for 20 - 22FT (245 - 260HP) boats, was taken by Super Mario (21FT Superboat).

The third race, for 20 - 22 FT (280 - 300HP) boats categorised as Division 1, saw All In (22FT Apache) speeding to victory.

Second was All Jokes Aside (21FT Rabco) while third was Risky Business (21FT Stallion).

Race 4, for 20 - 22 FT (280 - 300HP) vessels in Division 2, was won by Slimer (21FT Shadow).

All About The Benjamins (21FT Shadow) came in second while third was Checkmate (21FT Checkmate).

Race 5, for 600HP Outboard Cats, saw Trash Money (30FT Spectre) taking the win.

Things Brown (24FT Skater) was second.

Zero Tolerance for the big win!

The final race of the day was for 800HP Outboard Cats.

Zero Tolerance (32FT Skater) was the first to speed through the course.

Trash Money (30FT Spectre) was second and Loose The Juice (30FT Spectre) third.

Fourth was Rain Stopper (28FT Skater).

‘Great turnout’- Chad George

“The event was real good, it had a great turnout,” commented Co-President of Boat Drama Racing Club Limited, Mr Chad George.

Mr George also said the change in venue worked out well for the event.

“The change in venue was good, we always take safety first and the Carrot Bay location had better water conditions than West End.”

The Wellness Center, Dynamic Cleaning and Dynamic Rentals were Platinum Sponsors of the Festival Boat Races.

Other sponsors were K&J trucking, 3js Trucking, 3js Boat Charter, and Buddy’s Trucking & Garbage Disposal.

The other Co-President of the Boat Drama Racing Club is Dr Michael A.Turnbull.


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