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Monday, Sep 20, 2021

Guyanese woman held at airport with over $10K

Guyanese woman held at airport with over $10K

BVI News understands that a Guyanese woman was this week arrested and charged after failing to declare a sum of money to Customs.
Sources close to our news centre say the cash was more than $10,000. However, BVI News hasn’t been able to ascertain the exact sum.

It’s understood that the woman was about to board a flight at the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport when she asked to remove items from her checked luggage.

While removing the items, Customs officers noticed that the woman removed a suspicious package. They enquired about the package but the woman allegedly gave no coherent answer.

As a result, the woman was detained and the package was searched by airport Customs. The money found in the package was counted and held by the Customs team. It’s also alleged that airport officials also removed and searched the rest of the woman’s checked luggage.

Another sum of United States currency was found as well as other foreign currency.

BVI News understands that the woman was arrested and fined US$5,000 for her failure to declare the cash.

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