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Friday, May 07, 2021

Handling COVID without UK’s help is something to be proud of

Handling COVID without UK’s help is something to be proud of

Premier Andrew Fahie has said residents should be proud of the territory’s ability to handle the COVID-19 pandemic without the financial backing of the United Kingdom government.
“We have done all of this on our own. As people of the BVI, we have a lot to be proud of. We know that when we started, we asked for funds. The UK said — through their representative here — ‘exhaust all your funding that you can’. Whether it be Social Security, whether it be the reserves. And we are at this point because of the people of the Virgin Islands and the taxpayers which we are accountable for,” Premier Fahie expressed.

He continued: “It took us a couple of million dollars well to make sure that we keep the BVI safe. As the Premier, I know that it is tough for persons who will hear that we have to defer the marine opening on the 8th, I apologise for that part. But I do not apologize for doing what is necessary to keep the people of the Virgin Islands and our visitors safe,” Premier Fahie said.

Earlier this year, Premier Fahie indicated that the United Kingdom denied the territory grants to assist with its battle against COVID-19.

Amid other sources, the government accepted a $40 million grant from the Social Security Board (SSB) to offset its economic stimulus package when COVID-19 hit the BVI earlier this year.

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