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Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

Health issue preventing Flax-Charles from taking vaccine now

Health issue preventing Flax-Charles from taking vaccine now

Government legislator Shereen Flax has indicated that a current “health issue” has so far prevented her from taking the AstraZeneca vaccine for COVID-19.
Flax-Charles — who has been one of government’s advocates of vaccination — gave that indication on the Virgin Islands Party’s (VIP) Let’s Talk radio show Tuesday night when asked to publicly declare whether she has taken the jab.

In response, the first-term legislator said she tried to take the vaccine on three occasions but said “it was not possible”.

“I don’t want anybody to think that I have a crazy, serious health issue. It’s not that,” Flax-Charles said, adding that she will not be bullied into taking the jab until she medically cleared to do so.

“It is a private decision of anyone. But I will also say that there are issues surrounding the fact why I have not been able to take the vaccine yet. I intend to take it. However, I will not allow anyone or anybody to force me to do so until it is clear that the repercussions will be in my favour health-wise,” the VIP legislator said.

She added: “You must appreciate the fact that there are some persons that may not be able to take it on the advice of their health provider. So what I would say to persons; if you are sceptical, check it out.”

The government has promised to relax some of its COVID-19 restrictions when more of the population vaccinates.

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