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Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

Health Minister 'seems to be minister of misinformation' & fear-mongering

Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the Virgin Islands, Hon Marlon A. Penn has denied that he called for civil unrest in the territory regarding government’s tourism re-opening policies, even as records show otherwise.

On NDP Radio last evening, November 2, 2020, with moderator Aaron F. Parillon, the Opposition Leader instead accused the current Health and Social Development Minister, Hon Carvin Malone (AL) of spreading misinformation and fear-mongering, by posting about the civil unrest calls on social media.

“The now Minister of Health, he seems to have been promoting fear-mongering in chief. He seems to be the one perverting all these fearmongering throughout the territory as it relates to COVID-19,” Hon Penn said.

“He [Minister Malone] also seem to be the minster for misinformation as well in terms of the information that he continues to send out,” the Opposition Leader added.

Hon Penn denies making the calls

According to Hon Penn, “I saw WhatsApp going around from the same Minister [Hon Malone]… that my colleague and I suggesting that persons should riot the streets and tear down the government buildings and go down to town.”

The Opposition leader said that he was being accused of insinuating and inciting violence in terms of protesting the government's decision.

“We were very clear, we support any civil protests, peaceful protest that speaks to persons wanting to express themselves. We had that recently with the beneficial ownership we had a peaceful pretest to the governor’s house expressing our displeasure with the approach of the UK administration to impose public registers on us as a territory,” Hon Penn said.

Civil unrest calls made @ opposition press conference

However, while the Opposition Leader said he would never support any such calls of civil unrest in the territory, less than a week ago on October 28, 2020, he said he supported the people of the VI to civil unrest over the Government’s tourism possible.

“I support the people. I will say publicly I support the people to civil, what do you say, civil unrest. If the people have a concern in terms of the issue of the day that we need to have transparency, then go to the Government,” Hon Penn stated.

Calls create disunity & fear-mongering – Hon Penn

On last evening’s NDP Radio show, Hon Penn in denying that he made the calls, said: “it is very disturbing to see that the people that we put in positions to lead, create this level of disunity and this level of the fear-mongering.”

“For the Minister to send that around [WhatApp message] and make that suggestion is very disingenuine and unbecoming of someone that holds his position,” Hon Penn said.


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