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Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

Health Ministry contact tracing as funeral home temporarily closes

Health Ministry contact tracing as funeral home temporarily closes

The Ministry of Health has commenced a contact tracing operation amid news that a person who tested positive for COVID-19 attended a funeral at the Sea Cow’s Bay Methodist Church last Saturday, March 27.
Carvin Malone told BVI News today that “all of the direct contacts” have been tracked down and interviewed.

However, just less than 24 hours ago, Davis Funeral Home — who had conduct over Saturday’s interment — said authorities had not contacted them.

“I have heard nothing from the Department of Health or anyone in an official capacity except for the press release that went out to the general public,” the funeral home said in a Facebook post.

Health Minister Carvin Malone indicated that he does not know whether that is true.

“They (Davis Funeral Home) are closer than anybody else so I will see if that is, in fact, the truth and then we’ll have to make that correction,” the minister told our news centre moments ago.

Though reporting that the ministry has not been in contact, Davis Funeral Home has decide to temporarily close in the interest of being socially responsibly.

The funeral home said it will remain closed till next Tuesday. It said all business will be conducted over the phone or via Zoom until that time.

Meanwhile, as part of the contact tracing efforts, Malone said the ministry will also be conducting COVID tests 10 days after the funeral.

“So come Tuesday, Wednesday we’ll be doing swabbing and we’re doing the tests and then we will see if anything may have popped up as a result,” he explained.

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