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Friday, Sep 30, 2022

Health Ministry plans workshop on depression

Health Ministry plans workshop on depression

The Ministry of Health will be hosting a workshop to educate clinicians, caregivers, and the public on the signs and symptoms of depression.
Chief of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Services, Gracia Wheatley-Smith said the workshop will be held on Wednesday, October 6 at 7 pm via the Zoom platform and will educate participants on the epidemiology of depression and practical tips in the clinical use of antidepressants.

There will also be discussions on the international classifications of depression and the categories of antidepressants and pharmacological properties.

“We need to increase awareness. There have been quite a number of prescriptions received to treat depression along with an increased need to import psychotropic to treat persons experiencing depression,” Wheatley-Smith said.

“We expect that following this workshop the depressed patient will get enhanced medical care, persons will be more informed and aware of the signs and symptoms to be able to help someone affected, and with the new knowledge we can improve our lifestyles and rally together to assist persons in need early,” she added.

The workshop will be facilitated by former head of the OECS/PPS and Individual Consultant in Medicines & Supply Chain Management, Francis Burnett and Director of Turning Point St Lucia, Robert Huggins who has a Masters in Counselling Psychology.

Health practitioners including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians allied health professionals, caregivers, family members and persons diagnosed with depression are welcome to register for the workshop at a cost of $10. Three continuing education credits will be available for clinicians.

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