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Sunday, Apr 18, 2021

Here’s why the Premier is wary about revealing gov’t plans

Here’s why the Premier is wary about revealing gov’t plans

Amid calls for a comprehensive plan to revive the ailing economy, Premier Andrew Fahie said he is hesitant to reveal all his plans as he remains wary of those who want his government to fail.
“Sometimes when I hear them asking for the plan, I say that’s a noble thing but I can’t give out some of these plans because some people only want the plan to make sure that your plan never makes it. But their plans fail. So you got to be careful,” Premier Fahie said in the March 4 sitting of the House of Assembly.

He said rather than outlining plans, his government has been more interested in showing results such as how it is handling the COVID-19 outbreak in the community.

“We were told we didn’t have a plan for COVID. Now look, praise be to God, it’s only God. Now we have one confirmed case and we’re pushing ahead,” Premier Fahie stated.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, there have been calls for the government to release and abide by a comprehensive plan to restore the territory’s economy to its former glory.

In its most recent call for a plan, the BVI Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association recommended that the government implement strategic actions to diversify the economy in the next three to five years.

The organisation also said the government should start doing quarterly economic reports to provide information for planning and decision-making.

Some sections of the public, as well as political figures, have expressed that the continued closure of the territories seaports show that the government lacks a proper plan to safely reopen the territory and revive the ailing economy.

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