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Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021

Hillside tanks promised for Paraquita Bay farms

Hillside tanks promised for Paraquita Bay farms

An alternative water supply is to be introduced to the Paraquita Bay farming community which has been afflicted by an unreliable availability of water for several years.

Just last year, authorities discovered several open-ended lines that had hardly any water going to the farmlands where they are located.

While speaking in the House of Assembly last Wednesday, Agriculture Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley outlined two solutions to address the longstanding problem. These solutions come in the form of major repairs.

“Major works will include carrying out comprehensive repairs to the water distribution system and installing hillside tanks that can supply water on the estate when the main supply is unavailable,” he stated.

The repairs and installations will be done through a partnership between the Agriculture Ministry and the Ministry of Works & Utilities.

Animal pound being reconstructed for strays

While still on the subject of Paraquita Bay, the minister also outlined a solution for another issue affecting the area — free-roaming animals.

Dr Wheatley said these animals can cause to considerable damage to property so government is reconstructing the animal pound to alleviate the problem.

He said the facility is “nearly finished”.


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