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Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

Historical plantation site on VG to receive facelift

Historical plantation site on VG to receive facelift

The historical plantation-era gravesite on Virgin Gorda is expected to undergo a facelift. This will be done through a joint venture between the Department of Culture and the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board.
A recent government media release said the Department of Culture recently handed over a $3,000 donation to the BVI Tourist Board to facilitate the project.

According to the release, those funds will be specifically used to facilitate the cleanup work at the site which is located near the St Thomas Bay Jetty on Virgin Gorda.

“Between the white sandy beach and the parking lot there lies a small plot of land which seems somewhat out of place, as it seems undisturbed and untouched,” said Deputy Director of the Department of Culture Anne Lennard.

She also said the cemetery dates back to the 1600s with most of the graves extensively covered in dirt that therefore makes it difficult to pinpoint some of the graves.

“Some years back, the then Virgin Gorda Garden Club had taken on this site as a beautification project. During their cleaning of the area they unearthed a large tombstone measuring approximately 4 feet by 3 feet with the name and time clearly stated,” Lennard stated.

“It is believed that this site may have been a burial site for white planters around the 1600s. The site was believed to extend further north and south of what now exists,” she further said.

To assist in effectively identifying more of the graves -which may not possess tombs or gravestones -a ground measuring device will be imported.

While no dates were revealed regarding the commencement of the project, the release did say that it will require some work overtime.

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