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Saturday, Oct 01, 2022

HLSCC and TAG sign MOU for auto mechanics training, job placement

HLSCC and TAG sign MOU for auto mechanics training, job placement

The H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) and local automotive business, Tortola Auto Group (TAG) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to train students in mechanics and help with job placements and internships.

Speaking at the signing ceremony last week, TAG’s Operation Manager Gordon French said the company’s vision was to always look for opportunities to support the Virgin Islands community.

He that added the partnership with HLSCC will promote education and advance inclusive sustainable development in the territory. He also said it is just another private-public partnership TAG has engaged in.

“I am pleased to sign the MOU to forge the cooperation, coordination and partnership between TAG and HLSCC in the field of training in automobile mechanics, work placements and internships of HLSCC students at TAG and the short-term use of our modern facilities by HLSCC faculty and students,” French said.

“In essence, TAG, through this MOU are promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, skills and technical vocational opportunities which will lead to increased job opportunities for those who will be a part of this programme,” the Operations Manager continued.

French said he recognises the college might not have the full support in terms of necessities it needs to move in a certain direction and as a result, the MOU will continue for as long as HLSCC wants it.

Meanwhile, the President of HLSCC Dr Richard Georges said the college will be celebrating 32 years of operation this year and it has been doing a stellar job educating students before he came into his post.

He said over the years, there has been an extra focus by the college in the last few years in the area of workplace training and preparing students for a transition in the workforce.

“The college is in need in the long run of a technical training centre. In the absence of that facility, we must work with industries to provide opportunities for hands-on experience. So we are moving in this direction to create opportunity for real-world experience and real-world application of skills learned in the classroom,” Dr Georges said.

“We are pleased that TAG has come to the table and allowed us access to their facilities to facilitate that kind of learning. It was also important to us that they included work placement and internships so we can create a structure whereby our students would have a reasonable expectation of success having passed through the programme,” the President continued.


Dr Georges said he is hopeful that the college can achieve accreditation for the auto class, as it has with several bodies including those in the marine and construction industry.

“We have some thoughts about that, and we will be working with industry to ensure our students are receiving credentials that are applicable and are useful to the industry they wish to join,” he added.

Dr Georges also noted that he would not be surprised to see young women enrolling in the auto programme to get hands-on experience with the learning taking place as the general enrolment across the campus favours women.


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