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Monday, May 23, 2022

HLSCC institute of education to launch series of professional development offerings

HLSCC institute of education to launch series of professional development offerings

The H. Lavity Stoutt Community College’s (HLSCC) Institute of Education will launch its first of a series of Professional Development Offerings on 9th March through 1st April.
The Institute of Education has partnered with The McLain Centre in the Republic of Georgia, the Ministry of Education and The Wellness Centre to launch the first series of Professional Development offerings in Special Education, targeting K-2 educators during the celebration of Education Week.

Newly appointed Director of the HLSCC Institute of Education, Mrs Sandy Underhill said that she is pleased to lead the charge in advancing the vision and goals of the institution which endeavours to be the centre for the facilitation of sustainable teaching excellence.

She said, “Our mission is to develop effective educators (not only in the Virgin Islands but in the entire Caribbean region) who demonstrate progressive ideals, through innovation and reflective practice, that inspire critical thinking and encourage life-long learning.”

She added that the Institute is especially pleased to partner with The McClain Centre in the Republic of Georgia, The Wellness Centre in the BVI and the Ministry of Education, to offer this opportunity to educators.

Director Underhill said, “The HLSCC Institute of Education will adopt a phased approach to its opening that will begin with professional development training at all levels in education in the upcoming months. This will be followed by training for educators with content-only degrees, where we endeavour to advance full degree programmes in collaboration with partner institutions.”

Following the launch of the offerings from 9th March through 1st April, opportunities for new cohorts in this area will also be available on dates to be announced later.

Additional opportunities for Professional Development will be offered in the months to come for educators at all levels, including Early Childhood Development, Primary, Secondary, Principals, and Tertiary levels. Specific dates and content will be announced at a later date.

For more information regarding the HLSCC Institute of Education and the Institute’s upcoming Professional Development offerings, please contact Mrs Sandy Underhill via email at or Ms Devia Smith via email at or via telephone at (284) 842-7040.

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