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Saturday, Jun 19, 2021

HLSCC kicks off Mourant College Classics 25th Anniversary Special Edition

HLSCC kicks off Mourant College Classics 25th Anniversary Special Edition

The 25th Edition of the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College Classics Race Series kicked off on Saturday, October 10, 2020, at the College’s Paraquita Bay campus.

Twenty-six of the invited participants, representing some of the longest participating individuals, families, community groups and individuals from various age categories (under 13 to over 70) took part in the event.

The kick-off event marked the start of five races that would comprise the 25th Anniversary Special Edition Series.

A total of three races were anticipated at the Paraquita Bay campus and two races at the College’s Virgin Gorda Centre.

Significant milestone

As this year also marks the 30th Anniversary of the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, race one on Tortola and race one on Virgin Gorda specifically commemorated this significant milestone.

Race Director, Stephanie Russ-Penn expressed a feeling of much gratitude regarding the longevity and success of the event and the continued community excitement and commitment towards the College’s Race Series.

She explained that the participants at the event symbolised the successful and rich history of the series; as over the years, it has continued to be a conditioning and competitive option for many of the territory’s elite and emerging runners, a place for friendly team rivalries through walking or running and an annual family and community expectation.

The College continues to partner with the law firm Mourant, who was very pleased that the Special Edition Series would be a reality and that they could play a part in its success.

For more information about the Special Edition Series, the public is encouraged to contact the Race Director, Mrs Stephanie Russ-Penn via telephone at 284-496-7155.

Participant Results: Tortola Race 1 - 30th Anniversary Paraquita Bay Invite

1. Colm Rafferty, 12:29.87. 2.

2. Katrina Lindsay, 12:46.83.

3. Jaden Augustine, 13:07.79.

4. Jonathan Lynch, 13:16.08.

5. Rashawn Jack, 14:21.12.

6. Kendi Brewley, 14:32.40.

7. Sam Potgieter, 15:07.06.

8. 8. Adrian Dale, 15:10.25.

9. Charlie Potgieter, 15:42.55.

10. Lia Claxton, 16:15.42.

11. Othniel Gillings (time not available)

12. Jelani Croal (time not available)

13. Kay Reddy, 17:12.25.

14. A’Keela McMaster, 17:28.47.

15. Jah’Kyla Morton, 17:54.65.

16. A’Sia McMaster, 18:49.83.

17. Darwn Peters, 18:53.65.

18. Johannes Blok, 19:03.94.

19. Garfield Neita, 19:38.15.

20. Anna Kinkead, 20:40.05.

21. Jim Cullimore (time not available)

22. Zebalon McLean (time not available)

23. Shirley Liburd (time not available)

24. Jaheem-Lennard-Joseph (time not available)

25. Karl Dawson (time not available)

26. Marian Blok (time not available)


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