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Sunday, Jan 17, 2021

HMP Hurricane-Ready - Says Acting Prison Boss

HMP Hurricane-Ready - Says Acting Prison Boss

After the severe infrastructural destruction caused by the 2017 weather events to the facility, Acting Superintendent of Prisons Mario Christopher said Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) is now hurricane-ready.
Christopher said the prison has already submitted their hurricane plan to the government and training for officers in VHF radiotelephone is ongoing.

“With the passing of the first storm we had the other day, we had the opportunity to put the plan in place, and we were all ready. We received 25 additional sandbags from Public Works, we already have the cots in different areas set up, we already have a specific team of officers that would be here in the training centre on standby to relieve the officers that are working,” he said last night, August 11.

He added, “We are ready here and confident. We recently received a number of VHF radios from Department of Disaster Management, and that has now been added to the stock that we have, and we are currently running training on that to bring officers up to speed with the codes that they are to use when using the radios,” he added.

Acting Deputy Superintendent of Prisons Alexander Mills said, there was all but one area that required fixing.

He explained, “We still have one or two areas that we are looking forward to getting some assistance in completing. The area where we have the property room for the inmates, that roof still needs to be fixed, so we are hoping that we get some assistance as soon as possible. That is the only challenge that we still have from 2017.”

The hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, and the peak of the season is usually between mid-August to late October.

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