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Friday, Aug 19, 2022

HOA members volunteering to get tested amid COVID surge

HOA members volunteering to get tested amid COVID surge

Health Minister Carvin Malone has revealed that staff members and legislators in the House of Assembly (HOA) have volunteered to undergo COVID-19 testing.

In a Facebook post last evening, Malone indicated that he has tested negative for the coronavirus and said the testing was done in the ‘abundance of caution and to ease the curiosity of many’.

The move follows news that both the Premier and Deputy Premier were among the scores of persons who’ve returned positive COVID test results recently. The territory is currently experiencing a rising surge of COVID-19 positive cases, with more than 100 additional cases detected in the last few days.

Only two days ago, it was announced that the territory had 256 positive cases of the virus, but a further update yesterday revealed that there are now 275 active positive cases.

According to a bulletin released, a great majority of those cases (232 persons) are based on Tortola, while Virgin Gorda follows with 42 positive cases. No cases have been reported on either Anegada or Jost Van Dyke.

It was further disclosed that eight persons have been hospitalised as a result of contracting the virus.

The BVI’s COVID-19 related death toll currently stands at 39 persons, the vast majority of which occurred during a surge in cases in July and August of this year.

At that time, more than 1,600 active positive cases had been announced before the territory began to see any decline in its positivity rate.

BVI should see decline in cases soon

Meanwhile, Minister Malone expressed some level of optimism that with the cooperation of residents and visitors, the territory should soon see a report of net decreases in positive cases instead of the current gradual increase.

He urged that there be continued vigilance and pleaded for persons to ‘temper’ their exuberance this weekend.

The Health Minister’s pleadings come as the territory stands at the cusp of a new year, and watches closely as the traditional myriad of festivities and large gatherings are slated to mark the occasion.


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