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HOA pension ‘not in my head’ right now

HOA pension ‘not in my head’ right now

Third District Representative Julian Fraser said he felt the Retiring Allowances (Legislative Services) Amendment Act, 2021, commonly referred to as the ‘Greedy Bill’, simply needs to be amended and not repealed as some persons have been clamouring for.
Fraser, who had not previously expressed a position on the issue, explained that concerns over how he would ultimately be affected by a repeal of the bill was not in his head at the moment.

“That would probably become a legal matter… That’s a legal matter that is not in my head right now. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not in the legal… I make laws. I don’t litigate,” Fraser said while speaking with JTV News recently.

According to Fraser, Sixth District Representative Myron Walwyn, who was recently re-elected after a four-year hiatus from the House of Assembly (HOA), has already benefited from the HOA’s retirement programme.

When asked how Walwyn’s return would affect his (Walwyn’s) pension, Fraser said there was a facility already in place to accommodate situations such as that.

“I think his pension will be suspended. They will no longer pay him pension. He will just start collecting a salary,” Fraser said. “Remember, you would have gotten a lump sum based on the pension… when he retires again, whenever that is, then they’ll pick up from where he was — where he left off.”

Whatever the public wants

In the meantime, Fraser explained that repealing a law means it no longer exists. He suggested this may not be what the public wants in relation to the piece of legislation.

“In my view, it just simply needs to be amended — take out the parts that you have a problem with and leave the legislation,” Fraser said.

He argued however, that if the public feels better for lawmakers to repeal the Act, then it should be repealed. But Fraser said the parts of the legislation that remain applicable should become part of any new law that is created.

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