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Friday, Jan 15, 2021

Home delivery system in place! 'District restrictions' coming after lockdown lifts

Home delivery system in place! 'District restrictions' coming after lockdown lifts

Commencing today, April 15, residents of the British Virgin Islands can have essential food items delivered to their homes from approved food suppliers.

This accommodation is being done ahead of next week’s relaxed curfew, which will see the reopening of select business and a district-by-district regimen on when residents will be allowed out.

In a live broadcast Wednesday morning, the governor said: “Cabinet has agreed to amend the current curfew order from today to allow approved home delivery services. This will be for essential food supplies only, from approved home delivery providers and supermarkets, between 9 am and 3 pm.”

He said government is also permitting home deliveries for LPG cooking gas. Cooking gas deliveries are permitted between 6 am and 12 noon.

“This will ensure those currently facing shortages of food and cooking fuel can be catered for quickly. More details will be set out on social media,” Governor Jaspert added.

Phased reopening

In the meantime, the Governor announced in his statement that there would be a phased reopening of ‘essential’ shops and businesses starting from Sunday, April 19. On that day, essential workers and seniors who are 70 years old and above will be allowed access to critical and essential businesses.

He explained that the government has agreed to commence the first phase reopening the territory internally by allowing members of the public to gain access to a ‘limited’ number of businesses.

“A full list of these businesses will be published separately, but includes food stores and bakeries, pharmacies, restaurants - for takeout and delivery only - fuel stations, hardware stores, laundries and banking and insurance companies,” Jaspert stated.

Clearing goods at cargo facilities

The Governor also mentioned that on Saturday, April 18, persons will be allowed to clear goods from Port Purcell on Tortola and at St Thomas Bay on Virgin Gorda.

Furthermore, an approved list of critical businesses will be allowed to undertake in-store sanitization, put in place social distancing markers, prepare security and undertake environmental health assessments prior to re-opening.

During these times, everyone else must remain home, Jaspert emphasized.

He further said Cabinet would review the phased approach every week and, based on advice from the medical team “may add further businesses or activities to the list”.

District shopping

From Monday, April 20 to Thursday 23, residents will be allowed to leave home to access supplies between 6 am and 7 pm.

However it will be done on a district level.

“We want to avoid crowds at the stores in the Road Town central district as people re-stock. To reduce crowds, access to the Road Town business district will be managed on a rotation system from Monday, April 20 to Thursday, April 23.”

He stated that residents of districts Four, Five and Six will be allowed to shop on Monday. Residents of districts One, Two and Three will be allowed out o Tuesday, while Wednesday has been allocated to districts Seven and Eight. Residents of District Nine will be allowed to shop in Road Town on Thursday

Notably, Anegada residents may travel to the Road Town businesses district to access services on any day from 20th to the 23rd of April.

Internal district shopping allowed daily

Importantly, shopping within individual districts is allowed from April 20 and on any day onwards. However, venturing into Road Town during those days will only be permitted on the days assigned per district.

From Friday, April 23 onwards, shopping within the Road Town business district is also allowed at any time, the governor said.


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